10 Must-Visit Places in South Mumbai

10 Must-Visit Places in South Mumbai

South Mumbai, or SoBo, is surrounded by the city’s markets and popular tourist attractions. If you include tourist attractions, the list of places to visit in Mumbai could go on forever. Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Worli Fort, Rajabai Clock Tower, Haji Ali Dargah, Dadar Chowpatty Beach, etc., are many of the most visited places in South Mumbai. 

You can drive there and see the iconic pathway, which will add leisure to your trip to South Mumbai. If you decide to visit south Mumbai, you must consider the places mentioned below: 

  • Colaba causeway

The whole market is like a shopping area where vendors from different areas come to set up their stalls and sell their handicraft items. This is the best place to get the latest trends in clothing and accessories.

  • Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is another wonderful place to visit because it stands as a prominent landmark in south Mumbai. The structure was built in the 20th century for Queen Empress Mary and King George V. It is considered a symbolic ceremonial entrance. 

  • Marine Drive 

Another place that falls on the list of must-visit places in south Mumbai is Marine Drive. It is located on the promenade’s 3.6 kilometer long trail. The entire land stretch is along Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road and has become one of the top major tourist attractions. 

  • Worli fort

If you want to visit the best place in South Mumbai with friends, then Worli Fort is the best place for you. It is snuggled at the iconic fort’s Worli Notch, making this place an excellent historical site. Moreover, it is situated in a historic village surrounded by a majestic view of nature. 

  • Elephanta cave 

The elephant cave is a heritage site famed as a collection of cave temples made of rocks. The caves are built in the literal meaning of Gharapuri, the city of caves, and have become one of the most revered Shiva temples. 

  • Café Mondegar

The features of this café are famous paintings and cartoonists. In addition, the inner walls of this café are adorned by murals. Along with this, there are many best restaurants in South Mumbai to visit. 

  • Rajabai Clock Tower 

The Rajabai Clock Tower is situated on the boundaries of Mumbai university, South Mumbai. This tower is around 85 metres above ground and is considered the best heritage site. The Rajabai clock tower is a blend of Gothic and Venetian styles. 

  • Kala Ghoda 

Kala Ghoda is a creative area with a huge number of indie galleries, art stalls, designer cafes, and many modern forms of art. You can explore the visual arts, mixes of the Shivaji era, and modern arts in the National Gallery. 

  • Haji Ali dargah 

Haji Ali Dargah is considered a historical landmark in Mumbai. It is the most prominent Islamic symbol situated in South Mumbai. 

  • Taraporewala aquarium 

It is one of the oldest aquariums and has become a prominent place in South Mumbai. It is situated at the marine drive and hosts a fish variety. 


In the end, all the above places are considered the best to visit in south Mumbai. These places will surely become your favorite stops on your tour of south Mumbai.

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