Popular Crypto Exchanges of 2022 According to Their Market Liquidity

With around 8000 different crypto assets worth $2 Trillion in the market every investor is looking to get a fare share of this crypto liquidity. Whether you’re a small miner or a seasoned trader selecting a credible crypto exchange is the first thing you are going to do. However, with so many crypto exchanges popping up in the market choosing one can be quite confusing. If somehow you end up choosing an exchange that doesn’t aligns you trading objectives things will get bad resulting in sudden account liquidation.

Therefore, here compiled is a list of 2020’s most popular crypto exchanges that are vetted and regulated in various countries around the globe.

List of Most Popular Crypto Exchanges

Below mentioned are top 10 crypto exchanges of all times that have completely upgraded the crypto trading arena for traders around the globe.


You might find it quite weird that Binance is placed in every crypto exchange list on the internet. The reason behind massive popularity of Binance is mainly because of its advanced trading options, fee structure, and user interface. The exchange has been known and regarded in the circles of both new and advanced traders as this is one of the few crypto exchanges that caters to the needs of both kind of traders alike.

With its high-end security, Binance ensures the security of user funds and transactions on every scale. Moreover, Binance offers a wide selection of crypto assets and hundreds of trading pairs which means that users have multiple options to choose from. In addition to its wide crypto selection, this exchange also supports various payment gateways making trading even more convenient for traders around the globe.

As for its reward programs and discounts, the exchange is one of a kind as it offers impressive rewards for users. With Binance staking you can even earn passive income just by holding your digital assets on the exchange. For more details you can skim through the Binance official website and enjoy the benefits of staking on Binance.


Another valued addition in this crypto exchange list is Coinbase, the exchange has a remarkable reputation in the crypto for it trading services.  Coinbase is one of the earliest crypto exchanges that introduced the concept of digital asset trading and still it has maintained to deliver extraordinary guest experience. Ever since its establishment the exchange has evolved and caters to the needs of traders of different experience levels.

The exchange has two different trading modules that users can access according to their experience. These trading interfaces are known as Coinbase Pro and Coinbase standard.

Coinbase has proved to be the most popular crypto exchange for newbie traders from time to time. For new traders the exchange also has a comprehensive knowledge base which enables users to get the basic understanding of crypto trading before investing in real. Moreover, traders can also earn rewards by just watching videos and taking quizzes with the Coinbase Earn program.


PrimeXBT is a new contender in this crypto exchange list as compared to Binance and Coinbase. However, PrimeXBT is one of its kind as it provides some of the most unique trading functions like PrimeXBT Covesting. With PrimeXBT Covesting users can mimic the trades of experienced and successful traders on the exchange enjoy similar benefits. Copy trading allows users to earn rewards without any hustle all they have to do is look for a trader with successful trading portfolio and opt for the feature of copy trading. A defined percentage of your rewards made through this endeavor goes to both the trader you are following and the exchange as p-art of the trading fee.


Kraken is a hugely recommended US based platform on this list of popular crypto exchanges. The exchange is known for its deep liquidity and tradeable products. The exchange also has strong security in place to safeguard users’ funds against any kind of cyber thefts and system failures. These security protocols include biometric login, 2FA authentication, and cold storage.


Summing it up, all the above-listed popular crypto exchanges are strongly vetted but choosing one solely depends on your trading preferences. In order to make an informed decision you must take your time to conduct a thorough research. It’s imperative to look into the terms and conditions of all these exchanges to cross match which one of it matches your trading requirements.

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