What Are Sparklers and How To Use Them Safely?

There are over hundreds of lightning ornaments beloved by people young and old. Sparklers have been one of the top trending alternatives to fireworks. They are known for their beautiful effects and popping glitters from a single steel wire. They are popular among the young generation for firing and lighting on events, occasions, and glorious celebrations such as weddings, Halloweens, Christmas, Independence Days, baby parties, and bonfire gatherings. People worldwide are fond of sparklers for their wonderful light poppers shooting in every direction. 

The Best Facts about Sparklers

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They are convenient to handle, store, light, and play with. People find them perfect for any occasion, whether it is a grand opening celebration gala to a small birthday party. They are safe to light under the open sky or even on indoor events. They will never explode! 

Mechanism of a Sparkler

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Lit up sparklers fireworks appear as burning little shooting stars because they have reactive compound material stick to a thick wire. The materials made up of magnesium and oxides are responsible for the white sparkles and slow-burning, rather than exploding all at once. There is a metallic coating on them, which protects them and forms the crackling sound and lets the flame burn till the end of the coating. The powdered metal particles and the oxidizers, such as potassium and oxygen, burn along with the metal coating. The process is called “combustion”. There is so much energy in the reaction, that it forms bright sparkles of fire and crackling or popping sounds of burning sparklers. Sparklers come in a variety of sizes, the larger the sparkler the more energy and light reaction takes place. The brilliance and brightness of sparklers depend upon the material. Manufacturers use magnesium and iron creating orange branches of shooting stars and titanium creating white sparkles. The slow-burning batter made out of Ferrotitanium creates miraculous gold streaks when lit. The bunch of reactive elements upon combustion create a fray of light and miniature comets. When the elements coat with metallic dip, they will react with the atmosphere and metal all at once. 

What is the Purpose of Sparklers?

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They are convenient lighting ornaments that are safe enough to hold in hand. They are budget-friendly and transform a dull event into a delightful one as each person ignites his/her sparkler. It creates a fun experience with lights on trendy occasions. Sparkles level up the occasion in bursts of sparkles and wonder. Parents find it a great replacement to provide them to their children other than handing them roman candles or firework rockets. Sparklers are fit for any event.

How Can You Make a Sparkler Show? 

Fireworks are not always an option at wedding parties and New Year’s Eve, sometimes people opt for cheaper options, such as sparklers. The evening parties or the cheery bonfires, beach parties, family and friends’ get-togethers are a wonderful time to light up sparklers and enjoy the moment. There are special sparkler bundles and jars decorated at such events for every guest. There are dozens of lights in the crowd when the event party begins. The best sparkler show is last minute photography. There are tips and tricks to adjust the DSLR camera in such a way that it snaps the picture in motion. Whatever movements and writings the people make with their sparklers get caught on camera. Sparklers hit a massive trend on weddings, creating attractive ideas and photography hacks to capture gorgeous moments. Lighting a bundle of sparklers at once, creating a fiery bouquet that can look stunning. Lighting sparkles in the hands of bridesmaids and little girls after the bride can look beautiful at evening weddings. 

The Period of Sparklers 

Sparklers are one of the safest lighting pieces to handle and according to the size of the sparkler, which approximately 7cm or no more than 10cm. The dip of the metallic coat and reactive compounds of sparklers once lit, can light up to a maximum of 30 seconds. It looks beautiful, the longer it lasts. Many sparklers can last up to 40 seconds with the double-dipped coat. The reaction is what takes place and causes the lightning and glimmer of the ornament to last for a limited time. Once the entire sparkler is consumed and you are left with a blackish stick, then you can observe the reaction is complete. Cheap sparklers for sale are available almost everywhere. 

How to Store Sparklers Longer? 

They are best to keep in a cool and dry place and not in the presence of moisture, sunlight or somewhere where they might catch fire instantly. The longest period sparklers can be put in storage is about 5 to 7 years and no more. You can simply put them in a dry place and use them whenever you wish. They will light perfectly after months of storage if they are not in damp conditions. On a windy or rainy day, it may be difficult to light them up. Manufacturers store them up to transport them to travelling trucks and shipping. Import and export of sparklers are worldwide famous as they are in high demand on trending celebrations

A Few Things to Remember 

There is no harm or side effect using sparklers; however, they can cause land pollution when they die off completely. You need to dispose of them by calling a proper waste management authority after you have held the event. Sparklers when lit, can cause serious emissions and it is harmful to breathe. There are just minor points to keep in mind handling them to people with respiratory disorders as they might trigger the allergy or condition. Make sure you are purchasing them with a proper license as such firework ornaments are illegal in some areas. 


Sparklers in the United Kingdom used on festivals and carnivals have become a major trend. They are cheap enough to buy in bundles and light them with friends and family. This was all about sparkles and their detail on how to use them. 

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