Let me share an incident with you all and the reason I went for driveway alarm of EZ CyberQuest Inc. On the eve of Christmas, I and my family were on long vacation to Austria to grandparent’s house. It was a lovely vacation bringing back all my childhood memories. While having a supper one evening, my granny narrated the story of a robbery that took place in our neighbor’s house. Police FIR was lodged but the loss was already done to the family. This whole incidence made me think of some safety measure to my grandparents to deal with in such circumstances. I then thought for a driveway alarm system.  First I had to persuade them for its benefits over cost. So I told them that a driveway alarm is a device that can detect people or vehicle entering a property through driveway. It is often included as a cog of a structure that robotically alerts owners of the house for any unpredicted burglar or visitor. Driveway alarms are a crucial cog for protection, mechanized light control, residence control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems.

After surfing through dozens of website that assured fully secure and mechanized Driveway alarm systems. I read through the websites and compared the features and other specifications of all below three types of Driveway Alarm Systems offered by EZ CyberQuest Inc.

  • Infrared Driveway Alarms (driveway motion detector / driveway motion sensor) which detect .
  • Metal Sensing Probes (magnetic metal detection) which detects the movement of metal vehicles. (which didn’t excite me much because this lacked detection of animals and people moving around)
  • Rubber Air Hose which only detect the weight of vehicles driving over it.

So I finally settled for the first option of Infrared Driveway Alarms. Since I didn’t want anybody to notice such security system, I opted for Wireless Driveway Alarm System over driveway alarm with wires. The vendor gave me the convenience of making payment through my VISA Credit Card. The best part was the free shipping option since my order value was above $500. I immediately ordered the product and told my grandparents about it. They were excited and at the same time thankful for taking care of them.  But this I feel is my way of thanks giving to them for the love and care they showered on me during my childhood.

My grandparents are now safe and I have a peace of mind even if I am miles away from them. Thanks to the Driveway alarm system of EZ CyberQuest Inc.

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