Top Apps and Websites for the Eclectic Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial success for the creative professional is more than just luck. It’s a combination of dedication, organization, and motivation. Although now is a great time to be an eclectic entrepreneur, the market is more open toward creativity and innovation, yet a creative person can often feel overwhelmed.

To achieve some of your goals, we recommend that you install the apps mentioned here in the list, as they will ensure that you can accomplish and manage your projects well:

This is an ideal app for all those creative freaks out there who enjoy mapping ideas via mind maps. Designed for the iPad device, it is essentially meant to enhance visual narratives in various formats for multiple devices, such as Mac, iPod touch, etc. Creatives can draw inspiration to cultivate and polish their storytelling skills via their saved files from Dropbox or a platform like Instagram. The minimal yet user-friendly app ensures that the job is done easily as they curate and organize images for numerous platforms and print publications.

What’s more, the app works equally well with one-on-one meetings with client(s). Although the user does not experience any technical issues, such as bugs or the app crashing, the app can be improved with additional features, such as duplication of boards or copying images from one board to another. There are two subscription tiers: a free plan and a premium one. The pricing plan of the app depends on a user’s iTunes Account country.

For instance, if you are based in the US, the subscription plan is $4.99 per month. Overall, this app’s a keeper as it allows creative brainstorming to flow seamlessly.

Google Keep & inDinero
Some creative professionals don’t use fancy mind maps to gather ideas and inspiration in one place. Instead, they use an old-fashioned notebook to note everything down in one place. For all such users, the Google Keep app is perfect for it keeps all their notes and ideas regarding a project or several within reach. Since Google Keep is compatible with other Google products, all a user needs to do is set up an account to start working on it. The flat design of the app is simple yet utility-driven, which is great for the average user.

It has been observed that creative people are often not adept at efficiently handling their financial accounts. However, nothing to worry about! The app, inDinero is an awesome financial management app, that ensures that all money-related matters are skillfully dealt with, with no active burden on the creative executive.

Are you looking for a platform where you can specifically connect and network with other creatives? If so, then you need to get hold of Daisie. This mobile app was created by English Actress, Maisie Williams, who is best known for her TV debut in 2011 as Arya Stark on HBO’s Games of Thrones. Her collaboration with the film producer Dom Santry resulted in the startup, a networking tool that aimed to facilitate aspiring artists in the country and abroad to launch their artistic careers. This app is quite similar to other social media platforms.

All an artist needs to do is create a profile, and add their list of projects to the timeline, while allowing artists and creative experts to connect with industry leaders and like-minded collaborators for future insights and professional advice.

Although the app doesn’t come with any technical glitches and easily connects to Grande Internet as well, users have observed that privacy settings along with other features such as formats of the work timeline and overall project list can further be improved to better facilitate the artist. However, the app has turned out to be quite effective as it gained around 100K+ users within two weeks of its launch. Nonetheless, an android version of the app will further expand its outreach.
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This scheduling tool is considered one of the best for having one of the most practical pricing plans in the industry. Creative professionals no longer have to worry about creating social media updates from scratch or sharing them manually online every day! The app makes sure that users can easily plan and schedule their social media content and customize it as per their preferences. The mobile version of the app is just as brilliant as its web-based version.

The top feature is the feed preview, which is for Instagram (at the moment only.) It allows the user to preview their content before it goes live. The analytics feature is another user favorite feature as it allows one to view the stats for each post, which is important to know and understand the performance of each post and adapt/boost content strategy if need be required.

The eclectic entrepreneur often has a lot on his mind, that’s why they are often forgetful of important information such as significant dates or passwords. That’s where the app, Dashlane comes in handy as it provides simple and effective solutions for optimal data protection.

The app utilizes rock-solid encryption along with a diverse range of high-security features, which are meant to augment digital security. Known for its dedication and innovation, Dashlane has been awarded as of the best password management tools for the year 2021.

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Splashtop SOS
The pandemic is often deemed as being a top reason for the implementation of remote working. However, remote working was present before the pandemic got strong and took over the world. Although there are many tools that creatives often use, data security is usually not at the top of their list, even though it should be. This is where you can use SplashtopSOS for innovative data solutions.

Creative work too needs protection, that’s why one can install this app and use it for their benefit. What’s more, the automatic deployment is remarkable while ensuring that the extensive functionality for different gadgets gives the user control over their data security and immense flexibility to the team to access it from anywhere in the world, all for a great and reasonable price.

Wrapping Up
To make any creative enterprise succeed, one needs to be connected with the right people and with the right resources at the right time. Mobile apps are just one method that you can use to succeed as a creative. Download one, or all of them to manage your daily tasks well.

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