Top Recruiting Software To Simplify Hiring

Top Recruiting Software To Simplify Hiring

Recruitment Software

We have shared the best recruiting software to manipulate all of your recruitment and hiring systems in 2022.

So, recruiting software programs plays the project of task postings, reviewing resumes, interview control, and control of the hiring processes.

Hence, by assisting in providing letters and e-signature, this software program allows doing away with office work to an excellent extent. Therefore, the recruitment software program allows hiring the pinnacle expertise by supplying effective seek capability and integration with social media.

Tip: While choosing the Recruiting software program, you should keep in mind your business enterprise length and the enterprise you need to manipulate this system. So, keep in mind recruiting approaches like social media or video interviewing. Hence, considering those unique desires will assist you in locating the appropriate software program with the required functions at a reasonable cost!

So, these hiring software programs are linked with social media that will help you locate the pinnacle expertise. Therefore, the graph underneath will display the information about recruitment via social media.

Hence, recruiting software programs are generally utilised by expertise acquisition professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers. So, applicant Tracking System, CRM, and interviewing software programs are the three essential recruiting tools.

Therefore, while choosing a recruiting software program, one has to search for functions like duties automation, Job board integration, control of passive candidates, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking System, Intelligent Resume Parsing, and Recruiting & Talent analytics.


Best for:

  • Its ease of use
  • AI features
  • CRM tools
  • Most well-rounded ATS

So, Manatal is the pinnacle cloud-primarily based recruiting software program for HR and recruitment agencies. Hence, its platform gives a unique mixture of middle ATS equipment and revolutionary AI-powered functions. Therefore, its layout and functionalities are on target to make it the whole set of recruitment answers.

So, from all candidate sourcing to onboarding and beyond, Manatal offers quite a few pieces of equipment that streamline your recruitment techniques and beautify collaboration. Hence, this is going for inner verbal exchange simply as much as outside third-events and hiring managers, vendors, or clients.

Therefore, its specific functions set Manatal aside in this niche, like the social media enrichment of candidate profiles and AI-pushed functions like the candidate hints and scoring.

So, all those equipment coupled collectively permit for an extra holistic view of applicants and accelerated performance on some duties along with applicants screening. Hence, while different answers appear to keep complex and non-intuitive interfaces, Manatal is the opposite. Therefore, its platform is optimised for an easy and contemporary-day consumer experience.


  • All core ATS tools
  • Social media enrichment of candidate profiles
  • AI recommendation and candidate scoring
  • Resume parser
  • Automatic posting on job boards
  • Customizable career page
  • CRM tools
  • Onboarding tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Advanced search tools
  • Reporting suite
  • Referral management
  • Duplicate management system
  • Progressive mobile app
  • API

Manatal Pricing: Offers two pricing plans, annual and monthly plans starting at $15 and $35 /user/month.

It is best for optimising the recruiting processes. provides an employee management system that allows you to track your talent pipeline and engage your employees. It includes recruitment pipelines, onboarding processes, employee well-being, and development and learning capabilities. This platform provides insights into the day-to-day performance of employees. From day one, you can be confident of your employees’ success. The collaboration feature allows you to communicate with the manager and his direct reports. So, this tool helps you creatively integrate your talents. An automatic reminder feature makes it easier to track potential candidates.


  • It gives the functions for the recruiting pipeline to allow you to manipulate and optimise the worker recruiting process. This provides streamlining inner making plans and coordination with hiring managers. It maintains the file of every degree of candidates so that you can make it simpler to sign them withinside the process.
  • Onboarding the latest personnel could be more straightforward with the assistance of
  • It gives the power of departure requests.
  • has functions to deal with conferences and could assist you with overall performance reviews.
  • It will assist you in creating your workflows.
  • It is great for volume recruitment. Pricing: offers the solution with four pricing plans, Basic ($8/seat/month), Standard ($10/seat/month), Pro ($16/seat/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for this software.

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