Ways to Enjoy Your Patio During Winter

Your outdoor patio doesn’t have to be just a summer space! There are still countless ways you can enjoy your patio during the colder months. You might need to undertake a little bit of a project to get your patio ready for winter, but it could become a magical spot for your family to relax.

You’ll need an outdoor heat source

Before you think about what you can do with your patio space, you will definitely need a source of heat for the patio. Outdoor fireplaces made of brick, stone or concrete are stunning albeit expensive options. Alternatively, you could add a clay or steel chiminea which has a similar heating effect to an outdoor fireplace but without the price tag.

Consider protection from wet weather

If you live in an area which experiences plenty of rain or snow in the winter, you might want to consider adding an awning or pergola to transform your patio into a sheltered area. Combined with a heat source, this will ensure your patio is an extremely cozy place to spend hours huddled away from the winter weather.

Light up your patio and enjoy the evening

Your patio area could be used all day long if you add some string lights for a classic look. If you’re aiming for a more grandiose feel, you could add an outdoor chandelier. Good lighting is crucial to enjoying your outdoor patio with family and friends during the dark winter evenings!

Get grilling!

Grilling isn’t just reserved for summer. If your heating and lightning are in place, why not fire up the grill and make some delicious meals to be enjoyed al fresco?

Pick the right outdoor furniture set

Are you planning to use your outdoor patio area for eating meals? Or are you more likely to lounge around and even enjoy an outdoor movie theater? This should help you decide what kind of waterproof and stainproof outdoor furniture to invest in.

Bring plenty of pillows and blankets

Although you have your heating source in place, you might still get a little chilly in the height of winter! Take a soft blanket and some pillows outdoors and settle down to watch the snowfall or listen to the sound of rain.

Written by Jack Vale in partnership with outdoor kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Werever.

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