Mullayanagiri Trek: A Trip To The Highest Peak

Mullayanagiri Trek


Mullayanagiri is one of the highest peaks in the Karnataka state. The name ‘Mullayanagiri’ has been derived from a tomb at a summit that is dedicated to Mulappa Swamy, who is a holy man and it was believed that he meditated in the caves. The caves can be explored by people which would be very interesting. 

  • Its maximum altitude is about 6,330 feet.
  • The trekking duration will be about 3 hours.
  • The difficulty level of this wonderful trek will emerge from easy to moderate level.
  • Trekking distance will be about 3 to 4 km.

Suitable Time To Visit Mullayanagiri

The best time to visit the Mullayanagiri for trekking is from September to April. People should visit here in the months of winter as it would be a wonderful period and in this month the temperature range will be between 14 to 32 degree Celsius.

If people want to visit western ghats of this place then the most suitable season will be the monsoon season, from the month June to September.

Places To Visit Near Mullayanagiri

Coffee Museum Chikmagalur

People who love coffee or like to drink coffee then this museum is a must visit place near Mullayanagiri. They will get a wonderful historical tour of coffee plantations in South India. People who visit this place will learn about the art of coffee making. This wonderful place is run and managed by the Coffee Board of India. In Mullayanagiri, this place is a must visited place by the tourists. People will be mesmerized by the learning process of the coffee such as harvesting, drying, roasting and grinding of the coffee beans.

  • The location of this coffee museum is Dasarahalli, Karnataka.
  • The distance to this place from Mullayanagiri will be about 7.6 km.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary 

This wonderful wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Chikmagalur district. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the best and amazing wildlife sanctuaries in our country, India. This wildlife is a project of Tiger reserve and apart from that there are so many other species of birds and animals. There are 250 species of birds, 30 tigers and 20 leopards in this wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is also very famous for photography. People can take so many amazing and beautiful photographs here. The distance to this place from Mullayanagiri will be about 80.5 km.

Hebbe Falls

Hebbe falls is one of the most beautiful and amazing spots for enjoyment and for a refreshable picnic which falls from a height of 168 meters. To reach this wonderful spot. People just need to hire a cab or do trekking. If people want to do something adventurous then they should opt for trekking. People will enjoy the magnificent views of the forests and of the coffee plantations. The location of this Hebbe falls is Chikkamagaluru district, Kesavinamane, Karnataka. The distance to this place from Mullayanagiri will be about 66.8 km.

Kallathigiri Falls

This is also one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Mullayanagiri and it is also known by its another name i.e. Kalahasti falls. The Kallathigiri falls is one of the most enjoyable, refreshing and peaceful spots near Mullayanagiri. This amazing waterfall attracts so many trekkers who start their trekking from Tarikere, which is about 24 km from the Kallathigiri waterfalls. The location of this Kallathigiri waterfall is Kallathigiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The distance to this place from Mullayanagiri will be about 54.6 km.

Z Point

Z point is also one of the most amazing and wonderful spots to visit near Mullayanagiri. The maximum altitude is about 1500 meters above sea level. The Z point will allow the blissful and majestic views of Kemmangundi. People can reach the Z point by trekking. The location of this Z point is Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The distance to this place from Mullayanagiri will be about 59 km.


So, here is all  the information about the Mullayanagiri trekking. People should visit this beautiful place and they will be mesmerized by the immense beauty of this spectacular and wonderful place. Meeting the local people, learning about their cultures and traditions and listening to their stories will be the most charming and marvelous experience.

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