Tours and Things to Do From San Francisco to Lisbon

We had a fantastic time exploring San Francisco and the surrounding area with our four children! The interactive museums, Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, Chinatown, and the food are all must-sees. There are many attractions for youngsters in San Francisco and nearby Muir Woods including the National Seashore.

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  1. Bay Area Discovery Museum

Your children will enjoy the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which is conveniently located. You are directly near to the Golden Gate Bridge, which you can see while exploring the museum. You may also get some fantastic photographs with the institution in the distance in the parking lot. They also have a lot of exciting games and exhibitions for kids, including indoors as well as outdoors options. It was geared towards children (our 11-year-old was a touch too old, but he still found stuff to do).

  1. Lands End

Lands End is a National Monument in the San Francisco National Parks system. It is a lovely spot on the river that was a famous bathhouse. Although the bathhouse is not anymore in service, you can go across the property and see the ruins. It is a gorgeous place and a great opportunity to get detached from the city’s excitement and craziness. They also have an adorable gift shop. A bright day would be ideal.


Following numerous trips to Lisbon, we’ve produced an inventory of the top encounters and most famous tourist sites. Our favourite local neighbourhoods, as well as important visitor information.


So Vicente de Fora Church has had a tumultuous history, including being in the 1755 earthquake. It was throughout the 17th century and is now a wonderful hidden gem housing the tombs of many Portuguese Kings. The church itself is adequate, but the cloisters next door are spectacular. Under white vaulted ceilings, Lisbon’s story-telling azulejos decorate the walls. The walls of the sacristy are in exquisite marble motifs, while the ceilings are artistically painted. The Royal Pantheon, which has crusader tombs, is the highlight of So Vicente de Fora. Look for the veiled sobbing woman keeping guard over one of the tombs.


The Feira da Ladra flea market (also known as the Thieves’ Market) is held twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) on the square next to the National Pantheon. According to legend, the name stems from the fact that the market is loaded with stolen items, but it actually comes from ladro, which refers to an insect found in antiques. The market sells anything from broken mannequins to old rotary phones, as well as pre-loved LPs, handcrafted crafts, CDs, military relics, and vintage furniture. Stroll around and soak in the atmosphere for one of the top free things to do in Lisbon.

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Is Lisbon as mountainous as San Francisco?

San Francisco and Lisbon are both steep cities with endless streets! This is one of the most obvious parallels between the two cities after a day of walking about!

How many days do you need to spend in Lisbon?

Three days is the ideal amount of time to completely explore Lisbon. Within three days, you will be able to visit all of the major tourist attractions, enjoy the active nightlife, sample some delectable foods, and create lovely memories of this incredible city.

What makes Lisbon resemble San Francisco?

It’s simple to see why Lisbon is the “San Francisco of Europe.” This colourful and energetic city on the lake is clad in mosaic tiles and features steep hills, its own cable car known as the Bica Funicular, and a near duplicate of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Is San Francisco like Lisbon?

There are many similarities between Lisbon and San Francisco, such as red suspension bridges and vintage transit. What is your favourite aspect of each city?

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