Take the First Step towards a Unique Trip to Jamaica

There is no doubt that everyone has heard about exotic Jamaica. Many travellers around the world want to arrange a trip to this amazing destination. When you hear about Jamaica, you think about gorgeous beaches and relaxed locals that welcome you into their reality.

However, Jamaica is much more than that. All you have to do is take the first step and choose one of the many daily flights to Jamaica, in order to start planning your trip.

Outdoor Activities

Jamaica has so many exciting activities to engage into. Zip lining, rafting, ATV safari and horseback ride are only a few of them. Water sports are definitely the kingpin of activities in Jamaica, especially as they allow you to enjoy the magnificent blue seas that surround this island paradise. They are available in White River, which is located 10 minutes away from Ocho Rios. Here you can choose from exciting to rafting to deep sea fishing. There is also the option of jet skiing.

There are three airports on the island for all the flights to Jamaica. In this way, you can select the one best covering your needs and holiday plans. Choose your favourite place on the island and make reservations at one of the countless luxury hotels for your accommodation.

Seafood and Local Cuisine

While being in Jamaica, don’t confine your choices into hotel food only. In the spirit of adventure, go out and try the local cuisine. There is no doubt that you will find fresh seafood here. Shrimps, crabs, scallops and white fillets can be found in abundance, and they are always cooked to perfection.

However, you can also try fried dumplings, jerk and salt fish or some of the more exotic and special Jamaican dishes. Be brave and try some foods that you cannot possibly find anywhere else. Plan your trip today and begin from the most wonderful of holidays. There is no room for second chances. Just allow this place to blow your mind away!

Jamaican Nightlife

If you haven’t heard of Jamaican nightlife, then you need to do some small research. Jamaica nights are special to locals, as well as visitors. Nightlife is always great, especially with all the people, and you can find the most amazing bars and dance until morning!

Restaurants, bars, and cafes are at your disposal and are offered for your night walks across the island. Choose a relaxing, chilling bar to listen to some local music and have a few drinks. If you want to party, then go to the beach bars, dance and meet new people as the sun rises in the early morning.

From UK to Jamaica

UK has numerous flights to Jamaica all year long. If your starting point is London, then you will find no difficulty in booking a direct flight. Alternatively, if you begin your trip from Manchester, Belfast or any other city, then you should have in mind that an additional stop is required, most likely in London.

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